NationalWay has researched and identified numerous
sources of information for our members, including:

Department of Health and Human Services

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services



Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Centers for Disease Control

Food and Drug Administration

Health Resources and Services Administration

National Institutes of Health

Government benefits, grants, and financial aid for citizens

Information sharing forum

The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, vast
source of health industry related information

World Health Organization

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, as the nation’s
largest philanthropy devoted to improving
health and health care, RWJF supports training,
education, research and projects that state
effective ways to deliver health services,
especially for the most vulnerable among us

Insure Kids Now, a program that lets parents get low-cost or
free health insurance for their children through 18 years of
age. It is made available through State programs.
Remote Area Medical, provides free assistance to uninsured
in the US and around the world

A nonprofit organization, offers critical appraisals of new
drugs and comparative reviewsof older drugs completely
independent of the pharmaceutical industry

Creates a new space for civic engagement outside our
traditional legislative and governance structures to advance
solutions to the common problems we face starting with
the crisis in the U.S. health care system

A private foundation working toward a high performance
health system